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Does my pet have to be immunized to attend this event?

Yes, we require that all cats and dogs be current on age appropriate rabies vaccines in order to enter the event.

The most important dog vaccine requirements are those that pertain to the rabies vaccination, as rabies is communicable and can be harmful to humans.

What do you accept as proof of immunizations?

You can provide us with your vet issued rabies certificate, city/county license, a current rabies tag that lists the current year, a receipt of vaccination purchase/label for those who self vaccinate, a vet receipt that itemizes the vaccination payment, adoption paperwork that lists the pet has current vaccinations or serologic titer results issued from a veterinary clinic.

I don’t believe in getting annual vaccines for my pets. How can I bring my pet to Wild for Pets?

We recognize that the issue of vaccinating pets can be controversial to some who choose not to vaccinate. Unfortunately, due to state law and our event insurance requirements, your pet must be vaccinated for rabies or have current serologic titer results in order to attend the show. We are not making a statement about vaccines, one way or another; our job is to keep everyone safe.

I just adopted my pet or have a puppy that I’d like to bring. What should I do?

That’s no problem! Adoption paperwork that lists the pet has current vaccinations is just fine to prove that your pet has had its shots.

Our requirements apply to age appropiate immunizations. Puppies and kittens normally aren’t vaccinated for rabies until they are four months old, so we realize that you won’t have proof of shots if your new baby is younger than that. Puppies and kittens not yet vaccinated for rabies must be at least 12 weeks old or have two sets of puppy or kitten vaccinations. However, in order to keep your puppy or kitten safe, we urge you to carry it at the show, use extreme caution if interacting with other pets, not allow it to drink from communal water bowls and take lots of breaks so as not to overload your precious new buddy. We also recommend using these guidelines if bringing an elderly pet to the event.