Vendors will compete for the coveted WOFi Awards. The WOFi’s are voted on by people attending the show, and all vendors want to be the people’s favorite. This year, the people will again vote on their favorite Hot Sauce, BBQ Sauce, Salsa and Hot Specialty products. All you need to do is taste the samples provided by the vendors and vote for your favorites on our voting machines. Trophies are presented Saturday before the show ends in front of the crowds of chiliheads. After the WOFi presentation, feel free to visit the winners’ booths and try the winning products.

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2015 WOFi - Best Hot Sauce

2015 WOFi
Best Hot Sauce
CaJohn's Tiki Bar Hot Sauce
2nd - Papi Joe's - Tennesee Hot Sauce
3rd - Scotty O' Hotty Reaper de Muerte

2015 WOFi - Best BBQ Sauce

2015 WOFi
Best BBQ Sauce
Papi Joe's Tart & Tangy BBQ
2nd - CaJohn’s - Bourbon Chipotle BBQ
3rd - Kentucky’s Smokin’ Grill - Spicy Hot

2015 WOFi - Best Salsa

2015 WOFi
Best Salsa
Deception Salsa Oink - Spicy Bacon
2nd - CaJohn’s - Pumpkin Salsa
3rd - Bob's Best Salasa - Thick & Chunky Salsa

2015 WOFi - Best Hot Specialty

2015 WOFi
Best Hot Specialty
Scotty O' Hotty - Beer Bacon Chipotle
2nd - Frog Bones - Cajun Sauce Remoulade
3rd - Papi Joe's - Sassy Bloody Mary Mix

2015 WOFi - Best Booth

2015 WOFi
Best Booth
Chili Rocks