The Arena of Fire
Feast of Fire

The Arena of Fire is a ferocious place where determination is tested and the heat is high! Brave competitors first saunter up to the registration table and sign their name to one or more of the hot, gross or sticky contests. Then, at the appointed time, they take their places in the center of the Arena of Fire (where an empty container awaits anything that won’t stay down). The rules are read, warnings given and the fight begins. The first – or last – competitor standing wins!

You can secure your rightful place in the Arena of Fire by signing up at the registration table located at the top of the stairs in The Oscar Event Center. Allow your senses to take over as you take your place and await your destiny. The prizes given are worthy of the contests! And we need everyone - those who don’t participate are needed to cheer on our brave competitors.

So sign up for your favorite contests - there is something for everyone - and listen to the announcements so you won’t miss the exciting events happening in the Arena of Fire!

Don’t miss the Feast of Fire, our most challenging contest yet. Be sure to be in the Arena of Fire on Saturday to see what the surprise feast will be and see who will get his or her name on the trophy.

Tentative 2017 Contest List

Arena of Fire Contest Schedule