Have a monthly wine & food party, educate yourself on various types of wines or endear yourself to a friend with the Jungle Jim’s Wine of the Month Club.

Our wine expert, Todd Wiggs, and the wine staff will choose two wines based on the hundreds they taste each month. Only the most eclectic, indulgent or interesting wines will make it into the club! You will also receive recipes chosen by Leigh Barnhart-Ochs, the director of The Cooking School at Jungle Jim’s, that pair perfectly with the wines.

Whether you want to increase your knowledge about wine, enjoy a good party or have a special friend to share this with, the Jungle Jim’s Wine of the Month Club is perfect for all wine lovers.

Choose from the 1 year, 3 or 6 month options. We’ll bill you $5 to join and start you on your way. Please note that because of laws in the State of Ohio, shipping is available only within Ohio. If you are from Kentucky or Indiana, you can pick up your wine of the month in our Fairfield wine department.