We all face many challenges at home, but getting your family to eat healthy should not be one of them. JungleXpress has an easy solution for getting your family to eat their fruits! We provide a unique selection of premium produce that can be delivered right to your front door.

Imagine coming home to a selection of fresh seasonal produce that’s ready to be put onto your kitchen table!

Produce Program Includes

  • A weekly selection of premium produce, including seasonal favorites, and sometimes uncommon and unusual fruits, hand-packed and delivered to your home.
  • Recipes and additional information on preparing, baking, and grilling with the produce included in the crate from the Jungle Jim’s Cooking School. Information is unique to the produce in your shipment!
  • Local delivery to Dayton, Cincinnati, and the Northern Kentucky areas, or you can pick up your crate(s) at our Fairfield location.