Beer & Wine

In our Beer & Wine department, it’s all about selection! Biggest in the state or largest in the country, who knows, but it’s an enormous bevy of wines, beers, cigars, and spirits all in one place. We also have lots of glassware so you can enjoy your drink in style. It’s nothing but full service treatment in our State Liquor Store, with the good ole favorites, international classics, and even the most highly desirable diversions.

You can’t hold a match to our Humidor & smoke shop. We’ve got you wrapped up like a cigar and decked out with all the accoutrements a "puffer," would need. Try 15,000 labels of wines, not including what’s inside our climate controlled Reserve Cellar, and 4,000 different beers, from craft to crazy! We’ll keep the shelves stocked from barrels to brews, and "sticks," to sippers, and all with our knowledgeable staff to boot!