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Saturday, January 14 | 7:00 - 9:30pm

Our Jungle Jim's Beer Department proudly presents the 2017 Barrel Aged Beer Bash!

Taking the essence of heady drinks gone by, barrel aged beers are given new life when they’re aged in bourbon, tequila and rum oak barrels. Our Barrel Aged Beer Bash is a celebration of the surprises, deep flavor and intensity of this awesome, transformative process. A full night of imbibing rare, impossible to find and truly special beer, this one is for those as patient as we are. Especially when it comes to something so revered as beer.

Over 80 types of barrel aged beer will be available, many of them special or secret recipes that highlight the complex, often surprising, always interesting flavors brought out by aging beers in previously used barrels. Coming straight from some of the brewer’s personal cellars, festival goers won’t see many of these beers available outside of their respective breweries, and most of them won’t be bottled, either, so our Barrel Aged Beer Bash could be your only chance to try some of them! Those attending this fantastic fest will get a commemorative glass, as well, so they’ll be ready to sample from some truly outrageous brews in style.

We're excited to welcome Hoboken Eddies Gourmet and ChiliRocks Chili to 2017's Barrel Aged Beer Bash! They'll be providing delicious, freshly made snacks and appetizers for everyone while the beer is flowing, so be sure to stop by and say hello and try some of their awesome creations. And, if you like what you try, we carry all kinds of sauces and other products from both in our stores!

And don't worry, we'll still have big, salty Servatii soft pretzels for everyone.

Our 2017 Barrel Aged Beer Bash is your chance to try beers that may not have existed before - at least not as they will for the Bash - and may not come back ever again. It’s a night to enjoy some truly singular, and singularly exciting, beer. We would love for you to join us.