Asian Snack Basket


Asian Snack Basket


Take a trip through Asia and sample the sweet and savory snacks from: Japan, China, Thailand, Taiwan and more.


1 Hi-Chew Mango Fruit Chews
1 Botan Rice Candy
1 Meiji Yan Yan Strawberry    Snack
1 Saki Ika Prepared Squid
1 Iso Maki
1 Hapi Wasabi Peas
1 Nagaraya Cracker Nuts
1 Lotte Koala Chocolate Cream
1 Sweet Potato Fries
1 Lotte Chocopie
1 Jaoanese Pocky Sticks
1 Glica Pretz
1 White Sesame Cakes
1 Japanese Style Taro Mochi
1 Sticko Strawberry Wafer    Sticks
1 Garden Chocolate Cream    Wafers
1 Tasty Joy Japanese Snack    Crackers

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Item Number: 81522
Price: $62.99

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